Stranahan Theater, Toledo, Ohio
November 6, 2010

Concert Review
By Bridget Itter


Holy Toledo!

A 10-year old concert veteran gives her take on the Styx “The Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight” Tour.

Being one of Dr. Music’s kids can sometimes be a difficult thing.

Besides their school work, both of my kids get a music appreciation course that’s a part of their daily regimen. I subject them to every genre, and as many of the classics as I possibly can. So, even though my daughter Bridget is only 10 years old, she has had a large amount of musical exposure, especially with live music. She’s already been to more than 10 major concerts including AC/DC, Nickelback, Kiss, Bad Company, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra a whopping four times.

So, for this very special concert review, you will be hearing what the Styx “The Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight” Tour looked and sounded like from an experienced 10-year old kid’s perspective. I hope you enjoy it. And as always, thanks for reading.

– Dr. Music

When we left the house I was so excited! We were about to see Styx AGAIN; this time in Toledo, Ohio. The first time we saw them was in Merrillville, Indiana. Which concert did I like best? Well, they were both awesome, but I’ve gotta say I liked the Ohio show better. Which venue did I like better? I like the Indiana venue. So, if it was Ohio’s concert in the Indiana venue it would be great. I didn’t like the Ohio venue because the seats were really close together. When I put my arms up, I hit the person next to me when I put them down. It was still a great concert though.

I like the songs on The Grand Illusion better. My favorite songs are “Castle Walls” and “Fooling Yourself,” and “Renegade” from Pieces Of Eight. My favorite player is J.Y. And, no offense at all to Dennis DeYoung, but I think Lawrence Gowan is a little bit better singer than Dennis DeYoung.


At the beginning, there was a teenager on the screen looking through what looked like old records. When he comes to the Styx - The Grand Illusion record, he goes to the record player and turns it on. He puts the headphones on and starts “playing” it. All throughout the show the sound was very clear and not too loud, which was very good. It was just the right volume. Their voices sounded very nice and, as I said, very clear - especially Lawrence Gowan and Tommy Shaw. And this proves that I like all the guys because I said my favorite player is James Young, but he doesn’t sing that much. But they all sounded amazing! Also, what was amazing, and I don’t know how he does it, but Lawrence Gowan, during the song “Come Sail Away,” stood on the keyboard and played with his foot! How does he do that?! He also turns around and plays backwards! Another thing I thought was cool was that J.Y. had a lot of facial expressions. Like in “Miss America,” he had his arms up and his mouth open wide. One of the things that was kind of scary was that Tommy Shaw “magically” changed his shirt four or five times. One minute he had a black shirt on, and the next minute it was blue!

The end of the concert was great because they were throwing stuff and there were confetti cannons. Todd Sucherman, the drummer, threw one of his drumsticks out and then he was looking for someone to throw the other one to. So, my dad put his hands up and Todd threw it right to my dad! I mean, it was an amazing throw.

This was an awesome concert.


Okay, so we met this random lady at a rest stop. I had my Styx shirt on and she said,

“I’m going to that concert tonight, are you?”

I said, “Yes.”

And sure enough, she was two rows in front of us!

The rest stop was in Indiana, so that means we met in a different state and we were going to the same place.

After the show, she gave me a pick that she caught. It’s one of J.Y.’s picks, too!! That was so nice of her.

I’m so glad we met her. That pick will always be special to me.