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You can only become the real deal, a quality player through experience. You don’t learn it at music appreciation class or from listening to your favorite artist’s recordings; you learn it by doing it. When you’re 16 and some of your first gigs are in strip clubs, playing becomes authentic real quick. When you are 16 and working with naked women and intoxicated male audience members you have a choice: be great or die. Bobby Flurie decided to be great.

Dues? If you’ve played guitar for years with Big Brother & the Holding Company, Country Joe & The Fish, Huey Lewis, the Chambers Brothers and the Pointer Sisters how could you be anything but sensational. Bobby Flurie is that – an amazing guitarist. He’s paid his dues in full. His new CD, “Alternative Universe” is a treat to not only your ears, but to your soul as well. It is the eve of 2010, later than it’s ever been for all of us, and this guy gets it. As the Boss once wrote, he got his guitar and “learned how to make it talk.” Flurie is, in fact, an electric guitar’s best friend. He liberates the instrument and allows it to shine and groove to its highest potential, its apogee.

And lyrics? How about? “Chat rooms, blog sites, and YouTube/ What has the internet to offer a dude? / Digital devices may be the Devil’s curse/ Life in an alternative universe.” The CD is filled with social commentary spoken through the guitar. As the title of the second cut suggests, it is a “String Chat,” and through his music Flurie helps make sense of the insensible. We live in crazy times and rather than ignore them, Flurie, via his lyrics and playing, helps make some sense of it all.

Blues, Latin, Reggae, Rock and Roll…it’s all here, and each cut has its own distinct personality. For example, “Back to You” is a breezy and cool blues/jazz shuffle that brings Mose Alison and Eric Clapton to mind. “Desta-Dura” would be at home on any Santana album; and just the title “Suffer to Play the Blues,” tells you all you need to know about that cut. There are 10 guitar-laced tracks on the CD. Words don’t do it justice. You gotta hear this one. Bobby Flurie's “Alternative Universe” is 100% guaranteed to knock you out plain and simple.

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Track listing

Alternative Universe


String Cat




Back To You


Run For It


High Definition


Lookin'@ My Life


My Old Friend

Suffer To Play The Blues
Release date: 11/2009