Record review: The Dykeenies – Canyons of Echoes

Cumbernauld’s indie-rock quartet are back with Canyons of Echoes, an uplifting 12 track offering what fans have eagerly awaited since 2007’s Nothing Means Everything.

The group, originally formed in 2005 by brothers Andrew, Brian and Alan Henderson-who has since departed-along with friends Steven Ramsay and John Kerr, sold out their first ever gig in Glasgow’s ABC2 and were the first band signed to the King Tut’s Recordings label.

It was the start of a band that were clearly going places -and quickly- as they appeared on the NME tour before developing their debut album, along with performing at Rock Ness and T in the Park.

Opening song ‘No More Apologies’ will undoubtedly prove to be a stadium-rock anthem for The Dykeenies faithful, don’t be surprised if you hear “this is not what I’d thought it would be” being chanted out by the masses on a Saturday night.

‘Tracks Youth’ and ‘Are You With Me Now’ follow in a similar musical vain, sounding like some of the early works of U2 with a modern twist, while ‘Sounds Of The City’, a rocky stomper, takes on orchestral vibes associated with the likes of fellow Scots Biffy Clyro.

Brian Henderson’s vocals remain ever distinct through ‘Water In The Lungs’, ‘Square Balloons’ and ‘Awake’ along with the guitar delay that filters along the entire album.

For a relatively young band on only their second record, the North Lanarkshire indie-rockers have the potential to strengthen musically following this post-punk contribution.

Words: Ben Bookless

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The Dykeenies are:
Brian Henderson (vocals & keys), Alan Henderson (guitar),
Andrew Henderson (bass), Steven Ramsay (guitar) and John Kerr (drums)

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