From our "Baby's Got Back, Give the Drummer Some, Uhhh" Department:
Photo: Mike D'Ariano

Legend has it that Gov't Mule's name came about one night when Warren Haynes and the late Allan Woody were touring with the Allman Brothers Band in Memphis. James Brown was on the same show. The Godfather and his wife were dancing and Allman's drummer Jaimoe joked to Woody, "Government mule," a southern expression for a woman's big butt. They named their group in honor of Mrs. James Brown's posterior.

When Allan, Mrs. Brown, and James all moved on to that great gig in the sky, Warren inherited Brown's title of the hardest working man in show business. There have been recent years when he has toured as a solo artist, a member of The Allman Brothers Band, guitarist with The Dead, Phil Lesh and Friends, and of course, leader of Mule.

You may think it's unlikely that he'd sit in with Kiss, but nothing would surprise us when it comes to the incredible Warren Haynes. (Shown here on the far right.) The great Art Director, Brian "Agent Double-Oh-Soul" McAlley, created this fantasy.

Speaking of the hard working Mr. Haynes& Last year he produced an amazing album of Dylan covers performed by Leslie West and Mountain called "Masters Of War." Warren and Ozzy Osborne guest on it, and speaking of Mountain&.

From our "You Thought He Was Heavy Then" Department:

The ad for a Long Island New York club The Action House shows an impressive line up for the last day of June and the first couple of days in July back in the 60's. Who would guess that Bit 'A Sweet would become the international and influential rock group they became. No one ever heard of the three other bands on the bill, but one guy from the Vagrants (photo left) did ok.

Pictured clockwise from top left, Leslie Weinstein (guitar), Larry Weinstein (bass), Jerry Storch (Hammond organ), Peter Sabatino (vocals), and Roger Mansour (drums). Of course, Leslie Weinstein would go on to become Leslie West and perform in Mountain and West, Bruce and Laing, but in the mid-sixties The Vagrants and The Rascals were tearing up the New York-Long Island rock club scene with soulful, electric, and wild performances. Today there is a popular band in Australia called The Vagrants (a few other groups use the name as well) and a young group in Britain are called The Rascals. If the trend continues it won't be long before some German band will start calling themselves The Lemon Pipers.

From our "I Was So Much Older Then, I'm Younger Than That Now" Department:

This is either a rare shot of a very young Afa who would go on to form the wrestling tag team The Wild Samoans and an equally young Steve Perry of Journey when they teamed briefly in California Championship Wrestling as The Wild Journeymen, or it's a shot of blue-eyed soul great Mitch Ryder and the future webmaster Leon Tsilis at My Mother's Place in Washington, D.C. in the 70's. We're not sure.

Another founder Ray D'Ariano (on the left) is pictured here with his doo-wop group The Shades that also consisted of Lou Christie (center) and Ben E. King (right) for their album "Joanie Went Out With Tony and Eleven Other Tunes That Weren't Hits." In reality it is a publicity shot from an oldies show Ray hosted at Radio City Music Hall in the 80's. Ronnie Spector, Paul Shaffer, and The Grassroots rounded out the evening. Then again it may be one of the many combinations of vocalists that made up The Drifters over the years. Again, we're not sure.



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Imagine the Fabs doing Zep. It's easy if you try: