It is always important for us, as music connoisseurs, to keep up with the current trends in music. So, here at Are You On, we decided to get on board with the current MySpace explosion and start opening our eyes and ears to all that has been made available through this convenient networking source. We will be scanning the pages of for anything musical that seems worthy of a few words. This is a source that gives us a chance to see an artist, as well as hear their music, by just clicking a few times. If you are an "old dog" and you want to learn the newest "trick," you can go to and see what all the rage is about. Or, better yet, you can just drop your eyes down below and we'll bring a few pages to you. Enjoy.
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In a world that is infiltrated by droves of wannabe power pop/emo/punk bands, I was thrilled to find that there was still a band that was doing their own thing. The Dykeenies, from Glasgow, don't seem to be trying to hijack the bandwagon as it drives down their street. Instead they commit to their own style of traditional pop that sounds rooted in the 80's, with a soft glaze of the current scene on top. This is not so much a retro-type thing as it is more of a modern day Modern English.

Listening to the three tracks that are available on their MySpace page, you find that the music varies greatly. "Waiting For Go" has a U2-type of guitar sound, but the sensational burst of upbeat vocals, and the pop of the drum track are more of a nod towards the style of say, Jimmy Eat World. With "Will It Happen Tonight" the band shows more of that Modern English style, with a deeper vocal tone and a hint of that English accent. "In And Out" is a perfect mixture of the first two tracks. You get the English vocal tone and the 80's New Wave guitar sound, but you also get brilliant, energetic backing vocals that layer behind all of this extremely well.

Formed in June 2005, The Dykeenies are a fresh alternative to the stagnant pop scene of this decade. It's great to hear someone taking the fantastic 80's pop spirit and blending it with the traditional pop of the 60's and t
he modern sounds of the 2000's. Not too many have figured out a successful formula for this, but The Dykeenies music could serve as a blueprint.

The Dykeenies are: Alan Henderson - Lead Guitar, Brian Henderson - Lead Vocals & Synthesizer, Steven Ramsay - Lead Guitar & Vocals, John Kerr - Drums & Vocals, Andrew Henderson - Bass & Vocals

The Dykeenies:
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This New Jersey-based quartet, made up of two male and two female band members, has me on my knees with outstretched arms, screaming "Hallelujahs" to the heavens. I haven't heard a band with so much to offer in the hard rock genre in a very long time. With an electrifying and rich female vocalist like Tracy McShane, and an inventive guitarist like Bill Berends, Mastermind is putting traditional, sophisticated hard rock back on the map. As the first single from their upcoming release, "Insomnia," touches down, we get an opening keyboard effect from former Yngwie Malmsteen keyboardist Jens Johansson that might remind one of Rush's "Tom Sawyer." But as "Broken" takes another step, we get a plodding crunch of guitar and the sweet and sultry power of singer Tracy McShane.

I can't say enough about this woman's abilities. She's one that sends shivers - you know, the whole "hair-on-the-arm-standing-straight-up" thing. "Broken" is a great song, but to hear Ms. McShane's full spectrum of talent, you must experience "Break Me Down." She sings from extremely low minor keys to inspired highs that will leave you flabbergasted. If you can possibly tear an ear away from McShane you will soon realize that Mastermind is just as talented at laying down complex rhythms with the power and grace of bassist Laura Johnson and drummer Rich Berends. Songs like "The Queen Of Sheba" and their classical-meets-metal take of "William Tell Overture" are songs that display the brilliant instrumental prowess of this unit as a whole. When you listen to their covers of A Perfect Circle's "Weak And Powerless" and Cream's classic "I'm So Glad" you discover where their soul lies. This is a band that is classically trained, that grew up with classic rock, but still recognizes great new music as well. I find myself returning home to a song called "A Million Miles Away" though, just because it's a great song written in the classic hard rock formula. I miss that in today's music scene.

There will be comparisons to Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, and maybe even a parallel drawn to classic metallers like Queensryche, but the one comparison that they won't receive, even with their two male-two female configuration, is to that of the legendary Swedish outfit ABBA; which is yet another reason to sing "Hallelujah."

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"Screaming for you I bleed life,
For you I follow this tetra-colored sky,
And now we're finally fading fast on Broken Wings
and Shattered Glass"

These are penetrating lyrics that reek of age and wisdom, yes, but this six man crew out of the suburbs of Chicago averages only 18 years of age. With the youngest member of Rosaline being a mere 16, and the eldest member being 22, this is a band with professionalism that extends far beyond their years. With their first full-length release, "We're All Just Passing Through&," they take hardcore, screamo metal into a different realm. When singer Andrew Lang isn't brutally screaming intense verses like the one above, he's singing out with a pleading high tenor that seems to never lose its nervous edge. I find the material on the disc best described as Pantera and Killswitch Engage beating the hell out of The Mars Volta in a dark alley and stealing their singer to do duets. But unlike Pantera and Killswitch, Rosaline is much more moody and brooding. With tracks like "Shocking Trees And Overcast Skies" and "Sir, Why Is That (Cloud) On Fire?" the band creates an almost hypnotic aural landscape using vocals and sensitive guitar and bass charts.

This is a band that has got all its "ducks in a row." They are poised to strike it big by the looks of the massive attention they have gained with their MySpace page and their dedicated Midwest fan base. Rosaline has received more than 83,000 plays on their MySpace page and can be found doing shows throughout Illinois, as well as parts of Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. They are also vying for a spot on the Warped Tour '06; a spot which could change the lives of these ambitious kids forever.

Things are continuing to get brighter for this band as they continue to pursue their dreams. Judging by the press kit that I received from them, and the simple fact that they can hold a band together with their various young ages - this band is a talented, highly intelligent and motivated crew. The song structure and musical diversity that they show on "We're All Just Passing Through&" is a testament to that talent, intelligence and motivation.

Rosaline is: Andrew Lang - Vocals, Madison Stolzer - Guitar, Mark Blohm - Guitar, Matt Sliwinski - Bass, Mike Cross - Piano, Ryan Prindle - Percussion.

Official website:

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