It is always important for us, as music connoisseurs, to keep up with the current trends in music. So, here at Are You On, we decided to get on board with the current MySpace explosion and start opening our eyes and ears to all that has been made available through this convenient networking source. We will be scanning the pages of for anything musical that seems worthy of a few words. This is a source that gives us a chance to see an artist, as well as hear their music, by just clicking a few times. If you are an "old dog" and you want to learn the newest "trick," you can go to and see what all the rage is about. Or, better yet, you can just drop your eyes down below and we'll bring a few pages to you. Enjoy.
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I always get a little nervous when I use words like, "one of the best" or "better than," while describing a particular artist. But, as I sit here typing this text, I have absolutely no reservations when I tell you that Sheena Morris is one of the best singer/songwriters out there. I am rarely moved by an artist the way I am emotionally drained by Morris's songs. Even the term "songs" seems to cheapen what she's accomplished; rather, I like to think of her work as audible pieces of the artist that are incredibly powerful and fervent.

As of right now, Morris has one full-length disc entitled, "Unsavory Element," and she plans to release her second full length disc tentatively titled, "Veruna," shortly. The tracks from "Unsavory Element" are gripping shards of musical ecstasy. Songs like "To Stay" and "Ugly Soul Mirror" are songs that find Morris reaching through your chest and delicately squeezing your heart as she pours out every last drop of passion from her powerful voice. The songs from "Unsavory Element" are primarily acoustic guitar and vocals and that's all that's needed for this amazing performer. A self-taught guitarist and pianist, Morris plays each instrument with the skill of a seasoned professional. Some will make a direct comparison to Tori Amos upon hearing her songs, but I believe that Morris is a true original. This is an artist that bears her soul through her music.

I have had the chance to hear about seven tracks from Sheena Morris's upcoming "Veruna" release and they are yet another step forward. These tracks are a bit "larger" in their presentation, most of them with Morris opting for her piano in place of her guitar. The songs are dark, deep, emotional and lyrically revealing and riveting. Besides a phenomenal cover of Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot," which is entirely arranged on the piano, Morris gives us one of the best songs in existence. "This Ache" is so devastating that I cannot listen to it without a chill taking over my entire body or a tear crawling down my cheek. I often find my head going numb when I listen to this song. I kinda like this one did you get that? It has been years since a song has had this kind of impact on me. Just take a look at these lyrics:

Stumbling backwards beneath your spell through my pleas for quasi truth,
While you've been unclear to keep the mystery that's now been over used.
It doesn't matter- the eagerness I have to taste the workings of you.
Can't shatter, your saturnine veneer you choose to keep you from me.
I've too much love to waste,
With no motive for escape I think I've found the culprit of this ache.
There's no demand for pretense, sardonic prose or fairytales to hide the woes of the former ones,
Whose anguish chose to put its scars on you.

Lyrics from "This Ache"

Go to her MySpace profile and listen. I'm sure you will agree. She's one of the best.

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It's the return of good time rock 'n' roll. Maybe they should be called GE, because this is a band that brings good things to life; you know &hot chicks, fast cars, and cool guitars.

With their silky-toned, blazing hot singer Taylor driving this vehicle, GTO is all about "the good ol' days." Take a look at their full-length disc, "Angels Calling," and you'll see that they wear their intentions on their CD sleeve. You'll find this statement on the back of the sleeve: "This album is the reflection of memories, the way hard rock once was." And, inside the sleeve they own up to "following in the footsteps of the greatest rock acts in history (Prism / Moxy / Teaze / April Wine / Legs Diamond)." Heck, the CD itself looks exactly like an old 45 RPM record (ask somebody old, kiddies). This is really very simple - GTO is the band you want to play the living room of your next multi-kegger bash.

The music is simple and straight forward. The basic drum beats, the sharp guitar riffs and jamming solos are all set off nicely by Taylor's sultry vocals. The title track of "Angels Calling" is the perfect hard rock song formula - a great riff, punchy solos, and a singer to carry it all in a nice neat package. The band shows a few different looks too. "Do That To Me" is another good time party song with hooks that kill. "Poison" and "Renegade" have the flavor of early Runaways tunes, and "Long Time" and "Stealin' Time" are ballads that have a nice "remember the good times" feel. A song called "Capture" reminds me of an early 80's, new wave track that got its ass kicked by guitarists Al Baker and Paul Iskander. It's kind of like Berlin with hard rock guitars; pretty darn cool. GTO even caps the album with a rock steady instrumental called "389."

We're not talking Dream Theater caliber displays of expertise, or deep, meaningful compositions of music here. We're talking about fun, good time hard rock that's it. This is a perfect example of less being more. Listening to this band made me want to go back to a simpler time; a time when beer, chicks, and a good guitar lick rocked my world. And, for about 46 minutes and 53 seconds, the duration of "Angels Calling," I did just that.

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Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Stoner Rock bands like Monster Magnet, Down, and Corrosion Of Conformity helped put the style on the map, but there are many up-and-coming bands firing it up in the musical underground. Mother Misery, a quartet hailing from Sweden, seems poised to be the next big act to wear the crown of cannabis.

There are no bubbling bong water sound effects here, but there sure is a ton of whoop ass. This is a band that launches themselves into their sound. Each song is done with a wild abandon and confidence. The vocals of singer John Hermansen are primal in nature, and his guitar is loud and fuzzy. The drum and bass combo of Jimmy Lindbergh and Marcus Jäderholm, respectively, is cast in a solid concrete slab of brutal strength. As with much of the Stoner Rock genre, Mother Misery exercises a songwriting style that blends harmony and power in delicate balance. Their 5-song EP, "For The Crows," is very straight forward hard rock that includes a nod or two to some of the influential bands of their kind. The lead track, "My Soul," has a real "in your face" pace with a big tip of the cap to Pepper Keenan and C.O.C. "Take A Good Look" has a strong Monster Magnet sound and attitude running through it. "I Will Never Learn" seems to take on a personality all its own by tossing pieces of Monster Magnet and C.O.C. together, and casting them into a real original triumph for Mother Misery. As you continue to listen, you might hear a slight Soundgarden sound here and there ("For The Crows"), or you catch an Alice In Chains-type inflection ("Pray For Them Pigs"), but this is all about Mother Misery. This band wears its heart on its sleeve, and they confidently rock you with a straight forward hard rock formula something that many bands have forgotten about these days.

At the moment the band is in the studio working on new material for their upcoming full length album, which they plan to release in the beginning of 2007.

Check out the new Mother Misery video:
My Soul

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