It's Autumn and the fall foliage nature's brilliant show of color is upon us. The cover of George Wesley's latest CD, "When I'm Next To You, I Feel Lucky" has a shot of the artist with his guitar on his back and his arms extended as he basks in the glory of a vibrant golden-leafed tree, and throws his ego aside as he pays homage to this magnificent time of the season.

As the weather turns cooler and the days get shorter it's a time to hear some soul-nourishing comfort music. The Band, The Beatles' "Rubber Soul," Arlo's annual visit to Alice's Restaurant all add to a cozy feeling for candlelit evenings. George Wesley fits into this category. In other words, his music makes you feel good. He's been making music for over thirty years, even played in a Grateful Dead tribute band for a while. First time my bride and I saw him we wondered if he wasn't John Lennon in disguise (with dreds and a big bushy beard and a beret) John 'starting over' with a new identity and a reggae band. Don't misunderstand, George doesn't sound like Lennon, but there is a strong physical resemblance. He's not on a major label or anything and I don't think he's been on MTV. But I gotta tell you, if you ever find yourself in one of those little seaside bars on the Jersey shore that the Boss used to sing about and Wesley's there, get yourself a beer and get ready for an evening of sensational music.

The only difference between Wesley and let's say Dave Mathews, or Bruce Springsteen or Bob Marley is that you've never heard of him. The man is as good as any of them and a hell of a lot better than some other major stars who shall go nameless (Sting, Mellencamp, and that early MTV crowd . . . sorry, I couldn't resist). He should be a superstar. OK, now you've heard of him and you owe it to yourself to go to his web site, buy his CDs and go see him live whenever you can.

His latest CD, "When I'm Next To You, I Feel Lucky" is a celebration and has an 'it's great to be alive quality' that is a joy to behold. Through an amazing blend of talent and guitar-driven synthesizers you'll hear the brass and drums even if they don't exist. Magic! The title track kicks in with his Louie Prima-Joe Cocker husky vocal style and an up-tempo groove that suggests, like Lennon did all those years ago, that love, love, love is all we need. You will not sit still when you hear this CD. It will invade your soul. It's a collection of acoustic blues, jazz, rock and electric reggae.

Here's a sample of some lyrics from "Validation": "Validation, just know you've done your best. Validation, just know you can pass the test. Validation, you don't have to be the best. Just be yourself and let the Lord do the rest." "When I'm Next To You, I Feel Lucky." is a CD worth your money and time. Learn more about George Wesley and buy his CDs at


1965 - The Fillmore West opened in San Francisco with performances by The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.

1967 - The first issue of Rolling Stone Magazine was published. It featured a photo of John Lennon on the cover, dressed in army fatigues while acting in his recent film, How I Won the War.

1972 - Berry Oakley, bass player for The Allman Brothers Band, was killed when his motorcycle hit a bus on Remembrance Day, a year and thirteen days after Duane Allman's accident.

1991 - Freddie Mercury of Queen died of AIDS on November 24th.

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