It's been over six years since the last official Guns N' Roses release, Live Era: '87-'93 came out and kicked off with the above lines. Other than an ill-fated tour, and countless rumors, Guns N' Roses have been more or less missing in action for all that time, as well as for the five years or so leading up to it. However, on February 12th at around five in the morning, Barry Mullineaux and Matt Satsky, owners of the New York City night spot Stereo, waltzed right into the legend of Guns N' Roses. They became the first people in the world not directly involved in the project to hear the highly anticipated new Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy. This happened when Axl Rose rolled up to the club just after closing and struck up a deal with them they let him and his friends in, and he lets them hear the record. The owners agreed, and Axl and crew stuck around for a few hours playing two CDs each with ten tracks. Last month Axl said that he had 26 tracks done, but the album would only feature 13. Mullineaux said later that everyone was surprised by how good the album sounded, especially "track 3" which Axl made them play six times in a row.

Couple this uncharacteristic breach of ultra-privacy with the recent announcements that Guns N' Roses will be headlining at least 5 major festivals this summer (including the monster Rock In Rio Festival in May) and it seems like all the rumors about Chinese Democracy finally coming out this year may actually have some merit to them. One interesting side note: In one of these festivals the co-headliner will be Metallica, who previously said that playing with Guns N' Roses was the best possible example of "how not to tour." And on another, the band will share the bill with Motley Crue, whose lead singer Vince Neil once challenged Axl to a fight on Pay Per View. It just goes to show, never say never. As for an official album release date, there of course is none. Ex-Gunner Slash, says that the record will be out this month. I'll believe it when I see it . . . but never say never.

For more info on Chinese Democracy, check out the article I wrote last year when the latest rumor had it coming out this past November. (Link: Geffen Records announces release date for Chinese Democracy). Or if you've already read it, check below for some other wonderful non-GNR stuff we've added this month.

That's it for now. See you all next month when I'll have my annual report on the Allmans at the Beacon, which I'll be attending 3 or 4 nights of this year, as well as Shane MacGowan and the Pogues first NYC appearance in fifteen years! Keep on rockin'.

Mike D'Ariano


1956 - Colonel Tom Parker signed on as Elvis Presley's manager.

1968 - The Fillmore East auditorium began its three year run with performances by Big Brother and The Holding Company, Tim Buckley and Albert King.

1978 - Heart joined Ted Nugent, Bob Welch, Dave Mason, Aerosmith, Santana and others at the California Jam 2 concert.

1997 - Paul McCartney was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Wife Linda was ill at the time and did not accompany him to the ceremony.

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