The Allman Brothers Live at the Beacon Theatre
with Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes

Mike: I guess Dickey Betts isn't coming back this year.

Unknown Hippie Female: I wish people would just get over Dickey. The current line up is just the Allman Brothers Band now. The past is the past. Get over it.

Mike: If this is just "The Allman Brothers now" then shouldn't Paul and Ringo just get two other guys and call themselves The Beatles now?

Unknown Hippie Female: That's BULLSHIT! Dickey didn't die he got fired.

Mike: So you think the Allmans should have broken up when Duane died?

Unknown Hippie Female: Fuck you!

Mike: Ahh&."People can you feel it, love is in the air" . . . unless you mention the guy who wrote that line and then you get cursed out by a total stranger. Well I'm off to the Beacon . . . VIVA DICKEY!

You gotta love chatrooms. The above is an actual conversation I had in an Allman Brothers chatroom on 3/22/05 just before heading out to the Beacon for my third and final trip to see the Allman Brothers this year. Two of those shows are reviewed in this issue of The third will be covered next month. I could have gotten it done in time to be in this issue, but I figured it would be better to have a review of the Black Crowes reunion show I attended than to have a third review of the same band. It's all about time management and deadlines my friends. Time management and deadlines.

Some other reviews that met the deadline this month include my thoughts on the latest Cds by The Mars Volta, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Motley Crue, NOFX, and Mike Watt. Also, Ray D'Ariano proves we can read, and reviews the first installment of Bob Dylan's three volume autobiography, Chronicles.

Now as far as show reviews go, in addition to the Allman Brothers and Black Crowes reviews I mentioned earlier, this month's issue also features concert reviews of Buddy Guy and Wishbone Ash. The Buddy Guy review is by our own Brian McAlley, and the Wishbone Ash review is by our newest contributor, a fella by the name of Dr. Music. Some of you may be aware of his weekly, highly informative newsletter. We're happy to welcome the good doctor into the fold.

Dr. Music also adds to our Best of the Best section this month; contributing pieces on Judas Priest and Kansas . . . you think he gets the musical diversity thing we're going for? Other new Best of the Best artists this month include Little Anthony and the Imperials, Buffalo Springfield, The Drifters, Wilson Pickett, Vanilla Fudge, and blues legend Son House.

In the features section, you'll find Brian's play by play of the 2005 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Complete with a link to some memorable past induction quotes from hall of fame Beach Boy, Mike Love.

On a final note, the staff were deeply saddened this month to learn of the passing of George Scott. Scott was the baritone voice and at one time guitar player of the Blind Boys of Alabama; a group he founded as a young man in 1939. The Blind Boys had just received their fourth Grammy award in as many years. Scott was 75.

Keep on rockin' in the moderately free world.

Mike D'Ariano
April 2005

P.S. There was some debate around the office here as to the correct spelling of Hippy/Hippie. I googled both spellings and got 830,000 hits for Hippy and 1,550,000 for Hippie. We went with the more popular spelling. You were right Dad. Okay? You were right . . . you damn dirty hippie!

Photos by Mike D'Ariano