It was close to midnight. Mike and I were sitting in the tapers section at The Jammy's, a very very cool event (imagine Bonnaroo condensed into a 5 hour concert) and I was still buzzed because we had seen Dylan and Merle Haggard the night before at The Beacon. That was another beautiful night on the planet. It was great to see Ol' Merle and his terrific band The Strangers get a well deserved standing ovation in New York City; the only place in the nation without a country music station, and Bob, well Bob is it, isn't he? He always was and as recently as last Monday he still is. His shows with Haggard are history now, but this summer the never ending tour rolls on with Willie Nelson rejoining the troop. Go see it!

John Mayer and
Buddy Guy jammin'
at the Jammys

Meanwhile back at the Jammy's we had already enjoyed musical combinations that included John Mayer, Buddy Guy, Mavis Staples, Yonder Mountain String Band, Bruce Hornsby, Keller Williams, and a bunch of other sensational artists and here comes Ryan Adams. He and his band have very large guitars and make an even larger rockin' sound. They're good, but they seem to be trying too hard. They're a little too well put together. What is it? I like them, but I don't trust them. Then he invites Phil Lesh out to jam on "Wharf Rat." I don't know . . . I want to love it. I love Phil, but I don't know about this Adams guy. It makes me miss Jerry. I think he's probably watching all this on TV in some bar out there in the next dimension and (Jerry, help me with this) he smiles and says, "It's pretty cool man. Good to see Phil rockin' out. Pass the peanuts." These were my thoughts. Hopefully Mike will come up with a full review of the evening next month.


1968 - Jim Morrison once again incited a riot at one of The Doors concerts in Chicago.

1969 - Tricia Nixon, daughter of President Richard Nixon, invited The Turtles to perform at the White House.

1970 - The Guess Who officially paved the way for other Canadian artists when American Woman hit Number 1 in the U.S.

1972 - The Rolling Stones released their first double album, Exile On Main Street.

1988 - Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham temporarily reformed Led Zeppelin for the 40th Anniversary of Atlantic Records.

As for this month . . .

You get 9 . . . count 'em . . . 9 new Best Of The Best entries. Doc Music makes a house call with UFO, Black Sabbath, Rush, and Jim Croce. The Professor Brian "Bondito" McAlley presents Curtis Mayfield, Mike brings you Ozzy Osborne and Parliament/Funkadelic, Bond and I team up and add a great voice from the 50's and 60's, Johnny Maestro, and we welcome our newest contributor, John Ciallella with his astute views on Iron Maiden.

In our Features section we have the first of what will become a regular deal, Mike's Mix Tape. Side One is a trip and once you read about it you'll want to hear it. It sounds just as good as it reads. Then there's a feature interview with The Godfather Of Doo Wopp (and he spells it with two p's) Tony DeLauro. He's got great stories and insights and he reveals the tunes you need for your doo wopp collection.

We've got reviews of 3 Doors Down, the new CD from last year's Bonnaroo Festival, Roxy Perry, and Mastadon. And right here a new feature from Professor Bond covering this month's happenings in the history of rock and roll.

Finally, thank you all for your support and if you happen to be a high powered executive at a successful corporation or an individual multi-millionaire and you would like to buy please get in touch. Bidding starts at a million five, and please only serious investors. Thanks and keep on rockin' in the free world.

Ray "J D" D'Ariano

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