Never heard of Never The Bride? You have now and your life just changed . . .

If life were fair this would be a review of Never The Bride's sold out gig at Giants Stadium in New Jersey last month. But it isn't and they didn't headline there, Bon Jovi did, but they may still do it someday and when they do I'm sure Jon and Richie will be in the audience. The reason I can be sure of that is because Never The Bride are phenomenal! Although they have an international cult following, the majority of rock fans never heard of them. Even though they've been recording and touring since the early 90's, I myself got to the party late. I became aware of them while watching a DVD of the British Rock Symphony.

Catherine Feeney, Roger Daltrey and Nikki Lamborn

I knew most of the performers Roger Daltrey, Darlene Love, Gary Brooker, and Alice Cooper but I had no idea who the sexy and sassy woman who belted out Kashmir and Stairway To Heaven was. All I knew was that she was incredible.

After a few inquires I learned that she is Nikki Lamborn, and the other woman on stage with her and the orchestra, at the keyboards was Catherine "Been" Feeney. These rockin' blondes along with three talented guys make up the band Never The Bride.

Turns out Catherine and Nikki write most of the songs, and Catherine not only plays keyboards but also acoustic guitar. The boys in the band consist of Murray Gold on guitar, John Tonks on drums, and Greg Harewood on bass. Between the three of them they've played with James Brown, Elton John, Dido, Steve Windwood, and more.


Out front of this great collection of talent is the gutsy, raspy, sensual and emotional powerhouse Nikki Lamborn, a woman who just may be the best damn rock singer on the planet today. Roger Daltrey called her, "the best female rock voice since Janis Joplin."

There's only so much you can convey with the written word. You must hear this group to understand the enthusiasm of Roger and I. Pick up the Led Zep tribute "Encomium" on Atlantic, go to cut 11 and listen to their amazing piano and vocal version of "Going To California."

The group has 4 CD's available, the latest is called "Surprise." For more on the band and their product, check out their web site:

37 years ago this month, the granddaddy of all rock music festivals the one that simply became known as Woodstock took place in upstate New York.

"Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music," the theatrical film now available on DVD, contains a wealth of great performances, but as the years roll by, the most fascinating aspect of the project seems to be the amazing footage of the fans and all the insanity that took place in the mud that weekend. You can pick up a copy for less than 20 bucks and you might even catch it on sale at your local supermarket for less than 10.

Buy it, watch it, enjoy it, and if you want to keep your kids off drugs, just show them your wedding photo and say&"these are your parents"&then pop in the DVD and say&"these are your parents on drugs." That should persuade them to stay on the straight edge for sure.

A few years ago we posted a satirical look at the festival called "THE TRUTH ABOUT WOODSTOCK" and to celebrate the anniversary of this historic event, we have it up once again in this month's Features section. And speaking of Woodstock, that was the title of the first cut on the comedy album that this site was named after, "Are You On Something?" Recently the site has been receiving e-mails from people inquiring about the album's availability. Here's the deal: The album was released in 1972. It is now out of print, but is available online at several collectable record sites. If you really want one you'll have to do a search and look around. They go from 5 bucks to 50 bucks, and that's for a 12-inch vinyl album (in '72 there were no CDs). Back then that was a handy item because CD covers are too small to use for what we used LP covers for, if you catch my drift. If you don't, then go watch the Woodstock DVD.


1957 - American Bandstand, hosted by Dick Clark, made it's auspicious debut on television.

1963 - Little Stevie Wonder had a number 1 song with Fingertips Pt. 2. He was 13 years old when the live recording was made.

1975 - Robert Plant and his wife were seriously hurt in a car accident in Greece.

1988 - After 57 weeks on the albums chart, Guns N Roses finally hit number 1 with their debut LP, Appetite for Destruction.

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