Glen Hughes is up in the audience of Metalheads laying down some amazing bass lines. Then Don and Jim listen to Eddie as he rips the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame because Percy Sledge is in there and UFO aren’t. Don and Jim bust his chops and it’s time to go to the blackboard and check out this week’s TMS Top 5 . . . where topics like “the top 5 Kiss albums without Peter and Ace” are discussed and ranked. Eddie requests that the lovely Jennifer come out and the petite blonde in her tight leather pants struts across the set to the blackboard….this is always a “good to be alive” television moment. She smiles and says, “Hi boys.” Eddie responds with, “Glad to have you here as always. Please flip the board.” She does and we see tonight’s topic: The Top 5 Reasons Why That Metal Show Is The Best Show On Late Nite TV.

Each guy fights for their reasons to be included on the list as Jennifer arranges their suggestions in an order up top. After a lot of ridiculous banter Don announces the results of THE DEFINITIVE TMS TOP 5 REASONS WHY THAT METAL SHOW IS THE BEST SHOW ON LATE NITE TV.

Number 5: Co-hosts Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, the two standup comic metalheads who add lots of laughsand don’t allow Eddie to take it all too seriously. They know and love the music and make breaking Eddie’s balls an art form.

Number 4: The shows featured segments like “The Throw down” where guests debate great moments, albums, and figures in metal history. Which is the meaner album: Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood’ or Pentera’s “Vulgar Display Of Power?” Jim and Don choose Pantera and Eddie went with Slayer. There’s also ‘Pick Of The Week,” Whatever Happened To?” and the must see “Stump the Trunk,” where audience members ask trivia questions of Eddie….you have to see this…it is amazing and surreal.

Number 3: Said Eddie Trunk, the Big Kahuna of metal enthusiasts. He believes that he knows more about metal and hard rock than anyone else and as far as trivia goes he probably does. Yet, this is a man who truly believes that UFO, a good band, is the greatest group that ever existed on our planet. So keep that in mind when you listen to his opinions. He was named ‘One Of The Best Characters On Television” by Rolling Stone and they should know, right?

Number 2: The discussions on the show focus on "all things hard rock and heavy metal with guests…. Ace Frehley, Axl Rose, Rob Zombie, Don Dokken, Slayer’s Kerry King and Dave Lombardo, Slash, Lemmy, Brian Johnson, Dave Mustaine, Tony Iommi, Lars Ulrich, Marilyn Manson, Paul Rodgers, Scorpions-Herman Rarebell and Andrew Dice Clay plus guest guitarists: Glenn Hughes, Tracii Guns, Chris Broderick and the like. There is no other show on television that features these interesting, crazy, and legendary musicians. This is the heart and brilliance of the whole deal.

And The Number One Reason: The smokin’ hot Jennifer! Her brilliant TV work each week is reason alone to watch! In addition to watching her flip the chalkboard she’s also featured holding the Box of Junk during Eddie’s “Stump the Trunk” segment. It’s like Vanna White + Ozzfest + youth… a beautiful thing! Her Emmy is long overdue.

That Metal Show airs on VH1 Classic on Saturday nights.