Lonely Starts And Broken Hearts Left Alone
CD Review by Mike D'Ariano / 10/2005

Track listing:
1. Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts 2. Broke My Heart 3. Another Feeling 4. Monday Morning
5. By My Side 6. My Whole Life 7. Would You Stay Now 8. My 62 9. Heart Riot 10. Dead Red Roses
11. Heart of Mine 12. My Way 13. Wasted Time

Label: Hellcat Records / Release date: 6/21/2005

I would be remiss if I didn't say that this band sounds like they're trying really hard to sound like Rancid, but that sounds dismissive and somewhat mean-spirited and that's not what I'm going for. Let me try this . . . this band sounds REALLY FUCKING GOOD, mainly because they remind me a lot of Rancid. That still sounds wrong. Let's try a Rancid-less approach . . .

Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts is thirty minutes of sometimes popish, sometimes hardcore, sometimes ska-tinged punk rock featuring a singer with a sometimes raspy voice and a sometimes off-kilter delivery. There's also some rock-a-billy-ish stuff and some odd instrumentation from time to time.

What makes the whole thing great is that you just don't know where it's going to go next. The next tune could sound like the one you just heard or could go off in a totally new direction, and that makes for a really enjoyable listen from start to finish.

This one's worth checking out.

Highlights: "Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts" "Another Feeling" "By My Side" "My Whole Life" "Red Dead Roses"