epo-555 Mafia
CD Review by Scott "Dr. Music" Itter
/ 12/2007

Track listing
1. Spirit of Fun 2. Hyperschlieb 3. Grisslappan 4. Harry Mämbourg 5. Pizza Tintin
6. Tess la Coil 7. The Final Surf 8. Centipede 9. Maid in China 10. Examinor no. 39
11. Überholen Hat Keinen Zweck

Label: Crunchy Frog Recordings

This is an album that also has a sound all its own, but epo-555 could possibly be described as something like Radiohead meets Pink Floyd. This is a record that has some dark moments, but the overall feel of this album is like a breezy dreamscape. These songs almost take flight and linger in the air, like feathers in a gentle wind. The light and airy vocals, which are layered over thumping rhythms and beautiful guitar pieces make this a real treat for anyone looking to be taken on a musical journey. Much of the original, creative sound of this record can be accredited to the album's production, which was handled by the band itself. Putting just enough echo into the vocals and making the rhythms just punchy enough to carry the songs is really what makes this album so special. Songs like "Grisslappan" and "Tess La Coil" feel like wonderful musical friends to me now. These are songs that I can embrace; songs that I can take a slow walk with, or take off and fly with. This is one of those special records that just "hits the spot." When you're in the mood to hear this style of light and dreamy alternative pop, this is the only pill that will cure your ill.