Gone Ain't Gone Tim Fite
CD Review by Mike D'Ariano
/ 2/2006

Track listing
1. I Hope Yer There 2. Toasted Rye 3. No Good Here 4. Eating At The Grocery Store
5. Forty Five Remedies 6. I've Kept Singing 7. Not A Hit Song 8. Took A Wife 9. Shook
10. If I Had A Cop Show 11. Flowers Bloom 12. A Little Bit 13. Disgrace 14. Mascara Lies
15. Time Comes Around 16. Away From The Snakes 17. The More You Do

Label: Anti / Release Date: September 13, 2005

Ok . . . should I start now? Remember when Beck was quirky and cool, and not a huge rock star that has to walk the razor-thin line between quirky and cool and commercially viable? Remember that guy Liam Lynch who wrote that "whatever" song but put out an album of really cool clever funny tunes that no one bought? You know how the Beastie Boys (there are better examples, but I'm tired) like to put little samples and skits on their albums that don't really have anything to do with anything but generally sound cool and make the experience of hearing the album something more than just the experience of hearing a few songs strung together in a row? Smash all of that together . . . the edgy cool, the humor, the irreverence, and of course the fuck it as in fuck it if MTV won't play this and you've got the new Tim Fite CD. It's full of great lines, unexpected twists and laugh-out-loud moments, and it's more than worth $15. Go buy this one now.

Highlights: "No Good Here," "Not A Hit Song," "If I Had A Cop Show,"
"45 Remedies."