Kenn Morr Move On
CD Review by "Lady" Jane Rushmore
/ 4/2008

Track listing
1. Move On 2. Make You Mine 3. Get Back 4. Don't Turn Around 5. River Song
6. Late Summer Skies 7. Once More 8. Blue Morn 9. Still Need You Near
10. Let's Take Tonight 11. Girl With The Auburn Hair 12. Everything Will Be Fine

Kenn Morr, the insightful troubadour from Connecticut, is back with the forth collection of home-spun melodies called "Move On."

This time out he has created an easy rollin', yet provocative tapestry that offers a lot of advice in the form of life lessons learned along the road. Morr's whispering, grainy vocals shout sincerity, nevertheless the lyrics will get you to thinking. Take the title cut "Move On" where he sings, "Gotta get yourself back," but then advises to "move on." This paradoxical tune, as with all the rest, begs to be listened to several times.

As always with Morr's projects there is some fine playing too pleasant piano-violin jam in the middle of "Make You," tasty and subdued jazz piano opening with a fine harmonica blend on "Blue Morn," etc. The music covers you like a cozy blanket in a tent near the campfire.

A standout track is "Once More." In the opening line the singer lies, saying he's "Got no words to say right now," then proceeds to lay down 19 lines and a chorus worth of words including some of the finest on the CD: "When you're running low on love you know its hard to pay the price."

If you are already a Kenn Moor fan you won't be disappointed with his current offering, and if you are new to his music, the latest work is a fine place to start. To purchase a copy go to