Welcome To The World Of . . . Orange Orange
CD Review by Mike D'Ariano / 9/2005

Track listing
1. Hollywood 2. Forgive and Forget the Past 3. Cool Mexicans
4. No Rest for the Weekend 5. Affirmation Song 6. Ghetto-Blasta 7. Attitude
8. Rollercoaster 9. Why Won't She Go Out with Me 10. Never Too Late 11. Orange

Label: Hellcat Records / Release date: 8/23/2005

When I was in high school, I had a blue Mohawk, a dog collar padlocked around my neck, and a leather jacket covered in all kinds of shit like spikes, studs and buttons that said everything from "Bad Religion" to "I Fuck Goats." I was an obnoxious little punk rock brat. So were a good number of my friends, and a few of them had shitty high school punk rock bands.

I have fond memories of watching Gonzo's Mexican Starship play a brutally awful cover of a Green Day song in the school gym while everyone stood against the wall except for two retarded kids that were up front dancing their asses off.

When I read that the guys in Orange were seventeen years old, I recalled the G.M.S. show. The school wouldn't let the guys use their real name because none of them were actually Mexican. I shook my head and prepared for the worst as I put the CD on.

I hate being wrong, but in this case I'll admit it, I was. I thought it was pretty much impossible that these kids would be any good, but they are. As a matter of fact, if I hadn't read their bio and seen the picture on the back of their album, I wouldn't have known they were teenagers.

In all honesty, the music recalls older first wave punk, more than it does the nineties-style pop punk I was expecting. It could have something to do with the singer's heavy English accent, but there's also something about the pace of the music that makes it feel that way.

The lyrics are probably the only area where the band shows its age. Lines like "are toenails nutritious, why is Chap Stick so delicious" could probably use a little work, but at the same time there's something charming about them.

So I like the CD. The only question I have is what comes next? Are these guys the real thing or just a
Novelty? They sure sound like the real thing, but only time can tell if when they turn old enough to vote, they'll stick with punk rock or run off to get a degree in political science.

Highlights: "Cool Mexicans" (I guess all high school punx have a thing for Mexicans), "No Rest For The Weekend," "Affirmation Song," "Why Won't She Go Out With Me."