Make Believe Weezer
CD Review by Mike D'Ariano
/ 10/2005

Track listing
1. Beverly Hills 2. Perfect Situation 3. This Is Such A Pity 4. Hold Me 5. Peace
6. We Are All On Drugs 7. The Damage In Your Heart 8. Pardon Me 9. My Best Friend
10. The Other Way 11. Freak Me Out 12. Haunt You Every Day

Label: Geffen Records / Release date: 5/10/2005

Weezer are back with their fourth album since their 1994 debut, and wouldn't you know it, the damn thing is made up of a catchy-as-all-hell single, and a handful of additional songs that aren't quite as good. This is no surprise considering that the band hasn't made a decent start to finish album since their aforementioned debut over a decade ago. Don't get me wrong, all of their albums have had their highs, but they all had plenty of lows as well.

To be fair, I gotta say that Make Believe is better than most of the other post-Blue Album stuff they've cranked out. The single, "Beverly Hills" is a lot of fun, and gets a good amount of play on my iPod. "Hold Me" and "Pardon Me" are also quite good.

Barring the pointless self-deprecation of "We Are All On Drugs" and the pseudo-80's disaster "This Is Such A Pity," most of the album isn't bad, it's just boring. All of the quirky references, heartfelt emotion, and hope-filled despair from their early stuff is either not present or not effective. If you're into that kind of thing, the new Motion City Soundtrack CD is far more interesting. You may want to check that out.

Single worth hearing: "Beverly Hills."