Yeti Rain Nest of Storms
CD Review by Scott "Dr. Music" Itter
May 2008

Track listing:
1. Aa 2. Nest of Storms 3. Ulalume 4. Mad as Birds 5. Heart Wakes
6. Map of Aggravations 7. Star-Drilled Void

Label: Crimsonic / Release date: 4/2008

I've never really been frightened to do a review. I mean &.you listen, you analyze, and then try to convey what you heard to the reader. It's really not a difficult concept. But this is Yeti Rain.

When I first held this CD in my hand, I paused before I actually placed it in the tray. As I watched it slide into my CD player, my heart sank to my knees. If you've ever heard Yeti Rain's material you know that trying to explain it is like eating prime rib with a spoon, only harder. Explaining what I heard on this latest disc from Yeti Rain, "Nest Of Storms," was no simple task. Like Yeti Rain's debut CD "Discarnate," I think it's a disc you have to "experience." "Nest Of Storms," plays out like the score to a horror film, much like "Discarnate" did, but this time Roger Ebner's sax wails are more prevalent and vital to the overall mood of many of these compositions. And I call them "compositions" for good reason. These are not traditional songs, but should be considered swatches of a musical canvas. Roger Ebner and William Kopecky are no different than DaVinci and Michelangelo, except they use instruments instead of brushes, and shiny digital vinyl things as their canvas. With Ebner's eerie sax screams and the spacious, echoing chimes of Kopecky's bass, Yeti Rain paints an impromptu aural vacation for your mind. In the same way Pink Floyd created an alternative universe of sound, Yeti Rain has created galaxies. If you thought Pink Floyd took you on a cerebral journey, Yeti Rain makes Pink Floyd sound like Green Day. And yes, I did say "impromptu." All of these tracks were "written on the fly," or "spontaneously composed" as the band puts it.

I must admit that I was insatiably curious to hear the fifth track of "Nest" as it is the only Yeti track that has ever had lyrics. What will this sound like with a vocal? I couldn't wait to hear. As I start to experience the track I am reminded of the music from the Friday The 13th films, where there is a slight whisper that floats heavily on the air. Most of the lyrics are inaudible, but they still create a sadistic edge to the piece.

If you want to get as far away from mainstream as possible, you need to hear Yeti Rain. If you are a fan of atmospheric, space age symphonics, this is the disc for you. And, if you want to hear something that you've never heard before, Yeti Rain is always the act to turn to.