Yeti Rain Discarnate
CD Review by Scott "Dr. Music" Itter
April 2007

Track listing
1. Veiled Daughters Of Sleep 2. Book Of Visions 3. Ebon Ebon Thalud
4. Sea Of Endings 5. Prophets' Needle 6. Darklight
7. Dreaming In The Teeth Of Forever

Label: Unicorn Digital
Release Date: February 8, 2007

Before you read this, let me explain. This disc is so bizarre that I had to find a way to represent it not only in words but in spirit as well, hence the coded text. If you'd like to read the review uncoded, check below.

I had no oehtr cciohe& Ytei Rian is anihtyng but yuor tacipyl bnad, so I cluod not wtire a tacipyl CD reivew.

Ytei Rian is an airehpsomtc mnid tirp taht is drak and fnidoberog, and eevn dnibrutsig at temis. Pniyalg lkie the sroce to smoe fitsirutuc oetur scape hroorr flim, "Dtanracsie" is a dsic taht wlil lvaee yuor bdoy nmub and yuor mnid fezorn. I can slefay say taht I hvae neevr hraed anihtyng lkie tihs. Tihs denifes uuqine. Urocinn Rdroces, Roger Ebner, and pvissergore rcok guines William Kopecky oeffr snihtemog taht wlil aetlr yuor phcyse. Wehn I lenetsid to tihs I setratd to csole my eeys. Aetfr taht, the jenruoy had bugen. I flet clod and skahy at temis. I flet as if I was wselthgies and dnitfirg at temis (and wehn yru'oe 6'4" and 280 pdnuos tihs is no slaml faet). I eevn had hlbirroe vnoisis and sadiciul tthguohs. No, I'm not the msot pllacigolohcysy becnalad iaudividnl, but I can getnaraue taht tihs dsic wlil sitr snihtemog idisne of yuor mnid as wlel. One letsin and yuor carberel cetrox wlil be in gvare degnar. Wdros lkie hnitnuag and eaerehtl hvae been uesd to qtiue aletaruccy dbircsee tihs pcejort, and the lninetsig ecneirepxe has been semmud up as an "aarul hinegonicullac." Yep. The dsic sluohd cmoe wtih a lebal snihtemog to the ecefft of "WNINRAG: Lninetsig to tihs dsic may csuae you to tset pvitisoe on a rodnam durg tset." Tihs rllaey is a drak, aneibmt and muoiretsys dsic taht atcs as a mnid aniretlg durg.

The atsitrs ievlovnd in tihs pcejort, Roger Ebner and William Kopecky, pvore to be ture veiranoisis wtih "Dtanracsie." William Kopecky is a pvissergore rcok gnait taht pyals fselters bsas bteter tahn anoyne I've eevr seen. But if you wnat tanoitidarl jnimmag ylu'ol hvae to letsin to William's Far Cenror or Kopecky ptcejors. You wno't haer otsrubtus of sniolog or hgue cretsuls of netos hree, but ttah's rllaey the btuaey of the wlohe tnihg. You can bleray tlel taht yru'oe lninetsig to snoemoe pniyalg a bsas at all. Tihs one is all auobt tnoe and feel. The dtpeh of the netos and the folw of tnoe is waht mkae tihs wrok. Tsehe peceis act as macisul moitatiden; ygoa for the mnid, if you wlil. The teltis of tsehe teirtsepas of snuod are as initseretng as the misuc ilestf. "The Velied Drethguas of Seelp," "The Ptehpors' Nldeee," and "Dnimaerg in the Tteeh of Feveror" are a few of my panosrel fetirovas. The wrod dtanracsie is denifed as "hnivag no mairetal bdoy or from," and I tnihk the misuc udlohps tihs doitinifen pltcefrey. Tihs set is a mnid bnidneg snuod lpacsdnae wrehe nnihtog is frim or riigd. The tcihk, stoomh tenos folw lkie mdduy ctalocohe suryp onizog dwon the kttony tere tknurs of a drak smawp.

If you wnat to tkae a tirp idisne yuor mnid, tihs is the scartdnuok you need. But brawee; you may not be rdaey for this. You need to dig deep idisne yuor suol to itivne tihs in, bsuacee ttah's the olny pcale wrehe tihs dsic can rdisee. Tihs is an enissorgng eoisrucxn of snuod taht pdaels wtih yuor mnid to add smoe shgit.

Lkie the dsic, the wettirn txet of tihs reivew is a bit pnilzzug and qtiue uausunl. A reivew lkie yvu'oe neevr seen, tnilleg you of snihtemog lkie yvu'oe neevr hraed. Ytei Rian tekas smoe wrok. It tekas smoe suol snihcraeg to rllaey eojny the flul ecefft. Lkie tihs reivew, the misuc araepps to be drak and cnisufnog at fsrit gcnale, but if you oepn yuor suol and itivne tihs dsic idisne, you wlil fnid taht the rlddie wlil bigen to svloe ilestf. Do ylesruof a fovar and tkae the Ytei Rian arutnevde. It's a macisul eoitarolpxn lkie no oehtr.

I had no other choice... Yeti Rain is anything but your typical band, so I could not write a typical CD review.

Yeti Rain is an atmospheric mind trip that is dark and foreboding, and even disturbing at times. Playing like the score to some futuristic outer space horror film, "Discarnate" is a disc that will leave your body numb and your mind frozen. I can safely say that I have never heard anything like this. This defines unique. Unicorn Records, Roger Ebner, and progressive rock genius William Kopecky offer something that will alter your psyche. When I listened to this I started to close my eyes. After that, the journey had begun. I felt cold and shaky at times. I felt as if I was weightless and drifting at times (and when you're 6'4" and 280 pounds this is no small feat). I even had horrible visions and suicidal thoughts. No, I'm not the most psychologically balanced individual, but I can guarantee that this disc will stir something inside of your mind as well. One listen and your cerebral cortex will be in grave danger. Words like haunting and ethereal have been used to quite accurately describe this project, and the listening experience has been summed up as an "aural hallucinogenic." Yep. The disc should come with a label something to the effect of "WARNING: Listening to this disc may cause you to test positive on a random drug test." This really is a dark, ambient and mysterious disc that acts as a mind altering drug.

The artists involved in this project, Roger Ebner and William Kopecky, prove to be true visionaries with "Discarnate." William Kopecky is a progressive rock giant that plays fretless bass better than anyone I've ever seen. But if you want traditional jamming you'll have to listen to William's Far Corner or Kopecky projects. You won't hear outbursts of soloing or huge clusters of notes here, but that's really the beauty of the whole thing. You can barely tell that you're listening to someone playing a bass at all. This one is all about tone and feel. The depth of the notes and the flow of tone is what make this work. These pieces act as musical meditation; yoga for the mind, if you will. The titles of these tapestries of sound are as interesting as the music itself. "The Veiled Daughters of Sleep," "The Prophets' Needle," and "Dreaming in the Teeth of Forever" are a few of my personal favorites. The word discarnate is defined as "having no material body or form," and I think the music upholds this definition perfectly. This set is a mind bending sound landscape where nothing is firm or rigid. The thick, smooth tones flow like muddy chocolate syrup oozing down the knotty tree trunks of a dark swamp.

If you want to take a trip inside your mind, this is the soundtrack you need. But beware; you may not be ready for this. You need to dig deep inside your soul to invite this in, because that's the only place where this disc can reside. This is an engrossing excursion of sound that pleads with your mind to add some sight.

Like the disc, the written text of this review is a bit puzzling and quite unusual. A review like you've never seen, telling you of something like you've never heard. Yeti Rain takes some work. It takes some soul searching to really enjoy the full effect. Like this review, the music appears to be dark and confusing at first glance, but if you open your soul and invite this disc inside, you will find that the riddle will begin to solve itself. Do yourself a favor and take the Yeti Rain adventure. It's a musical exploration like no other.