Starring The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees, Mark Lindsay of
Paul Revere & the Raiders…..and special added attraction The Beach Boys

July 22, 2010 - Asser Levy/Seaside Park, Brooklyn, New York

Review (of sorts) from George Napolitano, Lady Jane Rushmore and Ray D’Ariano

Lady Jane: So we just got back from Coney Island, same place we were two years ago when we saw Hippiefest and Flo & Eddie were back…remember they were at Hippiefest too.

Ray: Yeah, with the Zombies, but this is a tour they’ve been doing for 25 years, their own, called The Happy Together Tour.

Lady J: Yeah they go out with different rock acts from the 60’s and this year it’s Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere & the Raiders and Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees.

Ray: Right, but then the great Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President who presents these shows each summer decided to kick it up a few notches and added The Beach Boys to the top of the bill.

Lady J: Very cool, it was like a “Where The Action Is” Reunion Concert.

George: It was tremendous.  Really could have been the best sounding show I've ever heard.

Lady J: They all sounded fantastic and I forgot how great some of those songs are, like Mark Lindsay doing “Hungry,” and “Just Like Me”…what else? Help me?

George: “Indian Reservation”….”Kicks.”

Ray: Social commentary…wasn’t “Kicks” anti-drug?

Lady J: “Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find…. all your kicks ain't bringin' you peace of mind…Before you find out its too late, girl……..You better get straight.”

Ray: If Lindsay Lohan only heard this tune.

Lady J: Straightened me out way back when and “Indian Reservation” was about the Cherokee Indians who were sent from Georgia to a reservation somewhere.

Ray: My friend Bruce Leonard told me that Mark recorded the tune as a solo record, but Columbia convinced him to release it as a Raiders tune.

Lady J: He sang it solo in Brooklyn and he did a good job.  He also sang “Arizona” (laughs) which may be considered controversial today.

Ray: Yeah, he’s a one man Rage Against The Machine, but this was one of his solo hits, and I don’t think it’s about the state.

Lady J: No, it’s about a girl that he wanted to take to San Francisco. I think she was an American Indian too because he does sing, “Arizona, cut off your Indian braids.”

Ray: Ah, well anyway, I never in a million years thought I’d enjoy a Mark Lindsay performance, but the guy was terrific.

Lady J: Agreed…too bad it wasn’t the Raiders in the uniforms and everything.

Ray: The group still exists, uniforms and all, they tour, but they play a lot at The Andy Williams "Moon River Theater" in Branson, Missouri.

George: Mickey Dolenz did “Last Train To Clarksville,”  “Its A Little Bit Me,” and “Daydream Believer.”

Lady J: How could you not like one of The Monkees, but I must say he should leave “Daydream Believer” to Davy Jones. That’s his song.

Ray: It’s like Kiss won’t do “Beth” unless Peter Criss is singing it.

Lady J: (laughs) I didn’t know that, but yes that’s how it should be.

George: He also did “I'm Not Your Stepping Stone,” with Mark Lindsey. Oh, and “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”

Lady J: Written by Carole King

Ray: (laughs) Is that right?

Lady J: Look it up.

Ray: I believe you, I’m a believer, get it? Hey, then The Turtles, Flo & Eddie, the American Beatles, most underrated band in the history of rock and roll, great in the 60’s and great back in Brooklyn in 2010.

George: Flo and Eddie were very good and did all their hits, “You Baby,” “It Ain’t Me Babe,” “Eleanor,” “She Rather Be With Me,” and “Happy Together.”  Then they did “I’m The Pied Piper,” the Crispian St. Peters song.

Lady J: Great to hear that one and a bit sad because the guy just died this year, but I agree it is always wonderful to see Flo & Eddie, and they both look and sound great. They never really stopped you know. Turtles, then The Mothers and, hey, 25 years of this Happy Together Tour.

Ray: I’d go see them anywhere…always a treat, and on the rest of the tour that would be the show, but as stated earlier Marty Markowitz always wants to go over the top and so he added The Beach Boys to headline over what was already a really cool evening.

George: The Beach Boys sounded absolutely tremendous. They played every one of their songs without missing any. Like I said, this really could have been the best sounding show I've ever heard. John Stamos played drums and congas and guitar with them the entire night. 

Lady J: I never thought about John Stamos. I mean I know who he is and I saw that TV show back then, but I mean he just wasn’t on my radar, but I have to tell you it was so much fun to see him, and he was really into it. He was really a contributing member of the band.

Ray: His performance did not surprise me at all. If he wasn’t great, Mike Love would not let him on that stage. Here’s the thing about the 2010 Beach Boys….they are great…always were and still are, and Love has done a great and admirable job of keeping this band going. Like George suggested, the sound is just like the records, and the spirit of the group on stage is top notch.

Lady J: I know one of your pet peeves is fans who don’t accept them anymore because there is no Wilson Brother in the band.

Ray: That kills me. Remember this group never broke up….this is the natural evolution….These are the facts: back in the 60’s Brian Wilson stopped performing and was replaced by Bruce Johnston, who is still in the band and now has been in it for decades longer than Brian. Throughout the years there were dozens of musicians in the band who weren’t part of the original lineup. There were Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin………… James William Guercio,  played bass with them on a few tours, there was Billy Hinsche from Dino Desi and Billy. Glen Campbell toured with them as a band member for awhile before Bruce signed on. Then when Dennis died….he was replaced. When Carl died…he was replaced. Very sad when those guys passed.  Then Al Jardine quit…he was replaced. As for Brian…he’s been in and out of the group over the years….out for the last two decades. All Mike Love has done is kept this American institution going with style and class and no compromise in the music.

Lady J: I’ve heard this argument before and it has merit.

Ray: Give the guy a break…come on. I know there are a bunch of Beach Boy fans who call themselves purists, but to me that means that they decided to stop supporting the group at some time in their history. I still love ‘em and thank Mike and Bruce for keeping the band together.  

Lady J: Well, the people in Brooklyn loved them. Great photos George.

George: Thank you.

Ray: You cutting me off?

Lady J: Yes. It’s like Captain Lou Albano used to say...for those who know no explanation is necessary and for those who don’t none will do.

Surf’s up!

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