Death For Life Death By Stereo
CD Review by Mike D'Ariano



  There have been exceptions in the past - rapper Sage Francis for one - but for the most part, when I get something from Epitaph records, I assume it's punk rock. Death By Stereo would be one of the exceptions.

This album sounds more like Pantera than it does The Pistols. Now in some circles, that would be considered an insult, but since I think of Pantera as one of the twenty, or maybe even ten best bands of all time, why don't you go ahead and take it as a compliment.

It's not just the vocal - which is very Pantera Phil-like, but also sounds like Danzig from time to time - it's the music too. The riffs are very stylized and heavy, and the drums are freaking relentless. Lots of speedy double bass.

Also, the guitar solos sound like something you'd hear on a Pantera record, or maybe something by Buckethead. They're not quite fast enough to rank up there with Dimebag's solos but the idea is there. To quote Mojo Nixon, "You can shoot my body full of holes, but you can't kill the spirit of Rock & Roll!"

You might think that's in bad taste, but I'm pretty sure, the recently shot full of holes, Dimebag would approve . . . after all, bad taste was kinda his thing. Remember when they popped the boil on that guy's ass in their home video . . . ewwwwww.

Anyway, bottom line: You like metal? You looking for something new? If yes, then this is for you. It sure as hell beats the piss out of all that corporate rap-metal Lincoln Park, Lost Prophets bullshit. So pick it up.

Highlights:"Binge/Purge" "The Curse Of Days" "I Give My Life" "Middle Fingers"


Track listing



I Give My Life


Forget Regret


Entombed We Collide


Forever and a Day


This Curse of Days


Middle Fingers


Nosotros Controlamos Todo




Don't Piss on My Neck and Tell Me It's Raining

This Is Not the End
Label: Epitaph/Ada / Release date: 6/7/2005