The Kinks: All Day and All of the Night
by Doug Hinman
Book Review by Mark Witner



  The Kinks: All Day and All of the Night is an impressive volume containing just about everything you wanted to know (and more) about The Kinks, one of the most celebrated, yet underrated bands to emerge from the British Invasion of the 1960s. Musician, historian and researcher Doug Hinman has assembled an incredibly-detailed compendium about this classic band that covers their day-by-day activities from 1961 to 1996, including concerts, recordings, and radio/TV broadcasts. The amount of research that went into creating this book is absolutely astounding, and a tip of the cap must go to Hinman for assembling all this information into such a concise and organized format.

With input from some of the original members, Hinman was able to reconstruct the band's legacy in great detail, beginning with their rise in popularity in the early sixties right through to their breakup in the late-90s. The story begins in September 1961 when 17-year-old Ray Davies and his brother Dave, both high school students from Muswell Hills, North London, decided to organize a band. Prompted by their music instructor, they recruited fellow students Pete Quaife and John Start to form The Ray Davies Quartet. By 1964, after several name changes (The Ramrods, The Boll Weevils and The Ravens) the Davies brothers, Quaife and new drummer Mick Avory established themselves as The Kinks, and went on to achieve overnight success starting with the release of their third single "You Really Got Me."

This impressive 352-page fact-filled book chronicles every aspect of the band's daily activities in an easy to read format and covers in great detail every piece of available information about their single and album releases and studio sessions. The brilliant musical talent of Ray Davies, one of the most gifted songwriters of the rock and roll era is profiled, along with his frequently tumultuous relationship with brother Dave. There is a wealth of information here that makes for some fascinating and very informative reading.

If you are a fan of The Kinks or have an interest in the history and evolution of rock music, then this book is a must. Even the casual fan will find this book fascinating with its attention to detail and its collection of 160 photographs, many never before published. It's an excellent overview of one of the greatest and most innovative rock and roll bands of our time.


Title: All Day and All of the Night
Author: Doug Hinman
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Publication Date: March 1, 2004
Binding: Paperback - 352 pages