Chaos and Creation In The Backyard Paul McCartney
CD Review by "Lady" Jane Rushmore



  Looks like Paul has finally had enough of silly love songs. Chaos and Creation In The Backyard is anything but silly. It may well be his solo career masterpiece.

First off, Sir Paul enlisted producer Nigel Godrich, a fellow who has worked with Beck and Radiohead. Word is that Nigel wouldn't accept mediocrity and often suggested to the ex-Wing that he could do better. It worked. The other thing that makes it special is Paul plays all the instruments. He gets a little help here and there, especially with the strings, but this really is a solo album. At first listen the tunes sounds very basic, but there's a lot under the surface, which makes multiple listenings a very worthwhile experience.

By the way, somewhere during your listening experience a question will occur to you. The answer is People Get Ready. Quick aside to Rod Stewart: this is what you should be doing mate. Its time to drop Cole Porter, call Niegel and maybe Ronnie Wood and get back to where you once belong.

Meanwhile back at the review: The songs are the cherry on the sundae. These are some of the most honest, non-pretentious tunes Paul ever wrote and presented. The lyrics are mature, sad, heartfelt and haunting. The only cut that deviates from the theme is "English Tea." It's a "When I'm 64" or "Your Mother Should Know" kind of song that he loves so much. It's his trademark kind of thing, but even it has depth and sounds like he finally got it right. It is lovely.

There's a line on the first cut of the CD, "Come home brother all is forgiven." Thanks Paul, some of us have been a bit hard on you for a while, it's good to be back and have you back as well.


Track listing

Fine Line


How Kind Of You


Jenny Wren


At The Mercy


Friends To Go


English Tea


Too Much Rain


A Certain Softness


Riding To Vanity Fair


Follow Me

Promise To You Girl
This Never Happened Before
Label: Capital / Release date: 9/13/2005