Mark Newman Must Be A Pony
CD Review by Paul Walrus




Before the Bee Gees became THE BEE GEES they were a really good Beatles sounding band whose first hit was New York Mining Disaster, 1941. As terrific as the original version is, Mark Newmans folk-rock acoustic version on his debut CD demonstrates what a true masterpiece that tune is. In addition to the haunting performance, the mere selection out of not only all the Bee Gees tunes, but 60s rock in general indicates the great ear this artist has.

Must Be A Pony is not a collection of covers, but Ill admit Id purchase a collection of Newman just doing covers in a heartbeat. This is an amazing debut CD from a stylish singer-songwriter who plays slide guitar, lead, rhythm, lap steel and more. He has a sweet rawness to his voice that to my ear is resistant of Dave Mason.

In addition to the cover tune this CD contains 14 textured compositions, all new stuff that brings one back to the classic rock years of the 70s. If this CD was released back then it would have been on Warner Brothers or A&M; it would have had four or five hit singles and gone triple platinum. Different era; today the CD is available at iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Amazon and all the usual spots. Sample Love Wont Ever Pass This Way Again. Its a powerful Pete Townshend-type ballad that would have fit real fine on Quadrophenia.

Like the Bee Gees once sang, these are only words and words are all I have&. This music must be heard. One listen and youll be hooked.

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Track listing

Dead Man's Shoes


What She Does To Me


Must Be A Pony


Hard In The Rain


Mean Season


New York Mining Disaster, 1941


Little One


God For Sale

Mambo Dancing
So, So Cynical
A Love In Vain
Goin' Underground
Love Won't Ever Pass This Way Again