Mountain of Power
CD Review by Scott "Dr. Music" Itter




March 2007
Track listing
  In For The Kill
  Dreams Of Milk
& Honey (Mountain)
  Black Train
  Uncle Ned
(Point Blank)
  Black Magic
  Out Of The Darkness (Moxy)
  Sitting By The Pool (Derringer)
(Captain Beyond)
  One Of A Kind (Wireless)
  Crazy (Stray Dog)
  Let That Lizard
Loose (Goddo)
  Love Rock
(Neon Rose)
  Tomorrow Or
Yesterday (Samson)
  Mountain Of Power (Mountain Of Power)

Label: Grooveyard
Release Date:
December, 2006

Grooveyard Records is a label that claims to be "a label dedicated to outstanding TOTAL GUITAR music from around the world," and this disc shoves that theory right down your throat. Swedish guitar wiz Janne Stark of Locomotive Breath and Grooveyard proprietor Joe Romagnola have assembled a set of obscure 70's guitar rock anthems that scream with an intensity unmatched in today's music world.

The track listing alone is impressive and demands a respectful tip of the cap. With songs from underground legends such as Budgie, Point Blank, Captain Beyond and Samson, Stark and Romagnola prove that they are students of the game. These tunes were dug from the precious soil of 70's hard rock, and they weren't found lying on the surface either; these guys dug deep to find great songs that were worthy of modern representation. Seeing songs from Rick Derringer and Moxy on the track listing was something that had me respecting them instantly, but actually hearing their amazing renditions of these songs was something astonishing.

Most of the material here is animalistic; primal and vicious. Like a rabid dog these tracks come running at you full force. The impressive thing with this disc is how it still remains structured and precise while it rips your head apart. It never gets out of control and wanders. As wild and untamed as these songs are, Stark plays his guitar with a sense of melody and an attention to song detail that never falters. With songs like Samson's "Tomorrow Or Yesterday" demanding a steady rhythm, nothing is lost when Stark starts to explode with guitar fireworks. The poise and class of this band is really quite phenomenal. Whether it is the dual harmony leads of Stray Dog's "Crazy" or the Rainbow-tinged spirit of Montrose's "Black Train," Mountain Of Power captures the heart and soul of each piece and delivers a blast of guitar fury that will please even the pickiest guitar rock fan.

I can't even remember the last time I heard anyone tear into guitar solos like this; come to think of it, it was probably in the 70's. Every song houses a big fat guitar part, and each of them is bone crushing. One of the most impressive selections here is a song called "One Of A Kind." It was originally done by a band called Wireless, who had their record produced by Rush frontman Geddy Lee. Yes, MOP does a wonderful job in its rendition of the song, but that's not why I find this exceedingly impressive. They know who Wireless is!! Wireless is a band that got past even the most seasoned rock fan when they were buried by bubblegum pop in the early 80's. I find it terribly exciting to have them back in this setting. It was the same feeling when I heard their smokin' version of Captain Beyond's "Fantasy" mid-way through the disc. Captain Beyond stands as one of the great "unknowns" of our time, and it's great to see a band like MOP recognize that.

The super riff that leads Neon Rose's "Love Rock"&.the bashing of Mountain's "Dreams Of Milk & Honey"&..the caressing rhythms and blistering solos within their original instrumental self-titled song&. No matter what track you find yourself being assaulted by, you're in for a real treat. Guitarist Janne Stark is one of the best in the entire world, and he has surrounded himself with some of the finest musicians available. If you are a fan of guitar heavy hard rock, this just might be the best thing you've ever heard.

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