Notes from the Super Bowl Halftime Extravaganza

After last year's appalling exposure of Janet Jackson's jewelry adorned breast, the NFL didn't want to take any chances on repeating something so revolting and shocking again. They wanted someone safe, wholesome and family friendly to put on a show during the break in the games' violence and mayhem.

John Denver was dead. They considered Marie Osmond, but she has breasts. God forbid another wardrobe malfunction. What to do? Then someone suggested Ringo Starr. Perfect! Good old Ringo. Everybody loves Ringo. He could do that submarine song, or the one about the octopus. The aging baby boomers would love it and the kids would think it was a hoot. Ringo, the shy Beatle beyond perfect! It was just about a done deal when someone from the commissioners office had a brainstorm. Why not, at the biggest TV event of the year, at halftime, have THE BEATLES REUNION! When he was reminded that two of them were dead, he was shocked and asked which two? He was saddened that his reunion idea wouldn't happen, but delighted to learn that the guy from Wings was still kickin'. And in a flash, Ringo was out and Paul was in. That's the true story, and if it's not, it could have happened that way, and nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.

It was good to see ol' Sir Paul at the Superbowl. He selected 3 Beatles songs and only one from Wings, so it was also refreshing to see that he's finally getting that mix right. Why "Drive My Car?" Since about half the ads were for cars and trucks, Paul was just jamming on a theme and he probably figured that with all those auto makers tuned in to see their spots, one might decide that Paul's tune would make a great ad for one of their vehicles . . . beep beep . . . ca ching . . . yeah!

When he followed with "Get Back" I had to wonder if anyone at the NFL understood what he, an ex-con in Japan, was doing when he mischievously sang the line, "Jo Jo left his home in Tuscon Arizona for some California grass." Either they didn't know what the song was about or they were just happy he didn't do the one that ends with the "everybody smoke pot" refrain. In the end they had to be thrilled that there were no wardrobe malfunctions like last year. Speaking of that, check out Mick Jagger and Tina Turner's performance on the "Live Aid" DVD, and you'll see where Ms. Jackson got the whole idea for the wardrobe malfuntion. It's all there, right down to the black leather outfit, but I digress . . . it really was fun to see Paul live on national TV some 41 years after he and The Beatles made their debut in February of 64 on the Ed Sullivan Show.